Products & Applications

LPG / LNG Tankers

Hyde Marine offers multiple solutions with both ATEX-rated hazardous area systems for installation in hazardous areas, and compact, customizable solutions for installation in the engine room and other safe areas of the vessel. Having a completely scalable solution, the Hyde GUARDIAN Gold BWTS can match your vessel needs.

Our typical solution uses ATEX-approved filters and UV reactors located in the vessel's pump room or one of our standard systems installed in the vessel's engine room. The power and control panels are typically installed in the ship's engine room or machinery spaces, and a remote control panel is installed in the cargo control room with additional remote panels either installed in the engine room or directly tied into the ship's automation system to allow operation of the system from numerous locations convenient to the crew. Our fully integrated solution is designed to meet all Class, IMO, and Port State requirements, and our pump room solutions have been through numerous safety assessments to meet the most current requirements.

Hyde GUARDIAN Gold systems are scalable up to 6000 m3/hr to meet the demands of even the highest flow systems.

View our sample systems:

  • Low Flow Ballast Systems - 450 to 700 m3/hr (HG700G)
  • Medium Flow Ballast System - 700 to 1400 m3/hr (HG1488G)
  • High Flow Ballast System - 1500 or more m3/hr (HG2500G)

For a chemical-free solution that meets the highest safety standards, look no further than the Hyde GUARDIAN Gold BWTS.