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OSVs / Tugs / Ferries

Hyde Marine has long been a strong partner in offering tailored systems for smaller vessels and provides both standard and ATEX-rated hazardous area systems with linear filtration. Hyde Marine also offers the lowest approved flow rate systems on the market (down to 10 m3/hr). Additionally, the Hyde GUARDIAN Gold® BWTS has no dwell time requirements. Therefore, vessels that have short runs, operate in multiple salinities, or need quick turnarounds have a safe, efficient solution to meet their ballast pumping needs while not interfering with vessel operations or requiring extra crew time. This may be particularly critical for coastal tow boats or vessels servicing the offshore industry.

Our typical solution uses standard filters and UV reactors positioned in the vessel's engine room or machinery spaces near the ballast pumps. For ATEX-approved systems, the filters and UV reactors are located in the vessel's pump room or may be located in a deck house above the main deck where they may be exposed to hazardous gases. The system power panels are installed in a machinery room, and a control panel is installed in the engine control room with additional remote panels either installed in the bridge or directly tied into the vessel's automation system to allow operation of the system from numerous locations convenient to the crew. Our fully integrated solution is designed to meet all Class, IMO, and Port State requirements, and our ATEX solutions have been through numerous safety assessments to meet the most current requirements.

Hyde GUARDIAN Gold systems are scalable to meet the demands of even the highest flow systems. Rated at up to 10 bar, depending on the system, the Hyde GUARDIAN Gold BWTS is also suited to handle dual-use pumps and can be specifically designed to handle positive displacement ballast pumps.

View our sample systems:

  • Low Flow Ballast Systems - 10 to 60 m3/hr (HG60G)
  • Medium Flow Ballast System - 100 to 150 m3/hr (HG150G)
  • High Flow Ballast System - 200 to 250 m3/hr (HG250G)
  • Links to higher flow systems are available by flow rate 

In the Market

Hyde Marine has developed a close partnership with PG Marine in Norway to package and install the Hyde GUARDIAN Gold BWTS as part of an integrated pump solution for OSV's. PG Marine has installed dozens of systems to date and continues to be a top strategic partner in the development of the Hyde GUARDIAN Gold BWTS.

In May 2011, the Zhejian Ouhua Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., located in Zhoushan, selected Hyde Marine to supply eight multi-purpose vessels for the China Navigation Co., Ltd., the deep sea shipping arm of John Swire & Sons, Ltd. The Hyde GUARDIAN systems for the China Navigation vessels have a treatment capacity of 500m3/hr.

Hai Cheung Tradking HK., Ltd., also announced it will deliver two Hyde GUARDIAN Model HG100 systems for Guangzhou Huangpu Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. The systems will be used on two 14,000 kW Pelagic Rescue Ships for the Bureau of Rescue and Salvage, Ministry of Transport of PRC. The Hyde GUARDIAN systems will have a treatment capacity of 100 m3/hr.

For a chemical-free solution that meets the highest safety standards, look no further than the Hyde GUARDIAN Gold BWTS.