Products & Applications

Ro-Ro / General Cargo Vessels

Hyde Marine offers a compact, customizable solution to meet the specific needs of the cargo ship industry. The Hyde GUARDIAN Gold® Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS) also has a completely scalable solution. Additionally, the Hyde GUARDIAN Gold BWTS has no dwell time requirements. Therefore, vessels that have short runs, operate in multiple salinities, and need quick turnarounds have a safe, efficient solution while not interfering with vessel operations or requiring extra crew time.

Our typical solution uses a component system with filters and UV reactors located in the vessel's engine room near the ballast pumps. Power panels are installed in the ship's engine room or machinery spaces, and a control panel is installed in the cargo control room with additional remote panels either installed in the engine room or directly tied into the ship's automation system to allow operation of the system from numerous locations convenient to the crew. Our fully integrated solution is designed to meet all Class, IMO, and Port State requirements, and our solutions have been through numerous safety assessments to meet the most current requirements.

Hyde Marine has also designed solutions specifically tailored for the cargo ship market by providing the ballast water treatment system in a twenty- or forty- foot container which can be installed in the hold directly forward or aft of the engine room or even on the vessel's main deck to ease installation and lessen impacts in the engine room. These versatile solutions can be purchased as a whole container for quick installation during service with no impact to schedule and no down-time for the vessel.

Hyde GUARDIAN Gold systems are scalable to meet the demands of even the highest flow systems.

View our sample systems:

  • Low Flow Ballast Systems - 250 to 450 m3/hr (HG450G)
  • Medium Flow Ballast System - 500 to 700 m3/hr (HG700G)
  • High Flow Ballast System - 800 to 1500 m3/hr (HG1488G)
  • For systems with higher flow requirements (HG2500G)

In the Market

In May 2010, German Shipyard, Flensburger Schiffbau Gesellschaft, announced it would build two 195 m Roll On/Roll Off ships to LR Ice Class and "Green Passport" notation for Rettig Group Ltd. Bore of Finland. The two ships, delivered in 2011, were fitted with Hyde GUARDIAN Ballast Water Treatment Systems as specified by the owner.

For a chemical-free solution that meets the highest safety standards, look no farther than the Hyde GUARDIAN Gold BWTS.